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Hello, thank you for taking some time to vistit our website first and foremost. 

 We are Jimmie and Bonnie HIll. We are located in Sandia, Texas. We have a BIG family of 8. Our entire family helps us raise,and train our Corsi plus our litters. We have been raising, socializing and breeding Corsi for 7 years now. 

Our dogs are a huge part of our life. We work them on the property and they help protect our home. Without a doubt the best breed either of us have ever owned! 

We believe in health testing an titling our dogs. Titles in AKC shows or working is our goal with all of our dogs. 

 If you are looking for a puppy or just want to gain some knowledge about the breed we are always available to help out! 

Thank you again for taking your time to look us up! 

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Sandia, Texas

1 Hour south of San Antonio. TX and 45 min North of Corpus Christ, TX

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