Nala was one of our foundation females. She was everything we could ask for in a corso. She passed away December 2019 but she left us with so many beauiftul memories and gifts. RIP Nala Butt.


Divna is our female that is Sicily born and Bulgarian raised! She is great dog and an even better mom. Divna is intelligent and one of the best females we have in our yard. 


Azura aka RU is a little over a year old. She is one of the females we show. She has an amazing temperament, We cannot wait to see what the future holds for her.

Bon Bon

Bon Bon is one of the more protective females in our yard. She is always on watch. She is also over one years old.  She is a big thick girl who is extremely gentle with us. We are looking forward to her growth!


Biscuits and Gravy aka BG is our alpha female. She runs it! BG is a lot of fun and so awesome to watch move. Athletic and fast is what she is.....she will produce some top notch pups when its time!


Reba is wild spirit. We just all adore her. She has really come into her own over this past year. She is one of the other females we will be showing. Reba is high energy and drive! We look forward to her future.


Heaven is the sweetest and most laid back of them all. She is big baby that just loves cuddles and food! We will see some great things out of her soon!

Black Magic's Peanutbutter and Jealous AKA "Jelly"

Our Newest addition that we are so lucky to add to our home! early June 2020!






Hours of Operation

Mon - Sun: 9am - 8pm​​


Sandia, Texas

1 Hour south of San Antonio. TX and 45 min North of Corpus Christ, TX

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